Heavy Duty Motor Oils

Guardol With Liquid Titanium:

- Synthetic blend

- Comes in 15w40, and 10w30 CK-4

Fleet Supreme:

- Conventional

- Comes in 15w4o CK-4


- Full Synthetic

- Comes in 5w40 CK-4

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Passenger Car Engine Oils:

Shield Choice synthetic blend motor oil

- 5w30, 5w20, 10w30

Shield Valor/Armor Full Synthetic Motor Oil  - 0w20, 5w30, 5w20

- Valor 5w30, and 0w20 are Dexos Licensed

Commercial/ Industrial

Megaflow Hydrauic Oil         -AW 32, 46, 68

Powerdrive TO-4  Oil

 -10wt, 30wt, 50wt


- Tractor Hydraulic

Triton HD ATF 

- Designed for Allison Transmissions requiring TES 295 specifications.

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